The only sailing and water sports magazine in Israel

The magazine is intended for all sea athletes wherever they are, and for those who see the sea as a way of life. We cover for our readers the variety of marine activities: from sailboats and windsurfers, through speed motor boats, water skiing, sailing and motor yachts to mega yachts and various sailing events. The magazine has professional articles on technical issues related to sailing and the sea, along with reports on cruises to near and far destinations. The magazine also has regular sections on fishing, maritime law, connections, news from the world of sailing and more.
The printed magazine has been published every quarter since 1999. In 2004 the website was launched where you can read current news from the world of sailing, be updated on real-time sailing events, read articles previously published in the printed magazine and use plenty of information about the sailing industry. Seamen participate in the writing of the magazine "Blue", we are at most of the maritime events that take place in the State of Israel and try to cover them all for you.

We would love to see you on the water!

Blue is the largest and oldest sailing and seafaring magazine in Israel. The magazine has been published for 12 years and appeals to a wide target audience, who love the sea and sailing. On the Blue website you can find articles about sailing sites, marine equipment, importers of vessels and marine equipment and more. Everyone who loves the sea finds their virtual home on a blue site. Blue Sailing Magazine and Blue Web Magazine have a variety of advertising options on both the Internet and the printed issue.